Points To Consider On Your Wedding Reception

Before choosing between steak and chicken BBQ, consider how you want your service. The most common options sit meals, buffet and passed the tray (input) of receipt. To help you decide, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about these types of service.

Things to Consider:

The time of day your event takes place – if the reception will be held during the lunch hour or a cocktail, a 5-course meal that is not necessary. If the reception will be held during the lunch hour, should only serve snacks.

Formality of your event – Although it is perfectly acceptable to have a buffet on the most formal events, the tradition still tend to dictate that a sit-down meal is more formal. If you plan guests dressed in white tie, sipping French champagne and serenaded by a full orchestra, a sit-down meal to be the way forward.

Your guests – always consider the nature of your guest list. Seniors guests or more traditional may feel more comfortable with a seated dinner, while younger guests may yawn at the thought of having to sit for a few hours. Remember that the guest list very large can not contribute to a buffet, so many people suffering from hunger can not be forced to queue for a ride on the table.

Personal preferences – it is said, it’s your wedding. There really are no rules in those days, if you have your heart set on a particular style in the service – go!

Serving Styles – An Overview:

Seated Meal – General: This seated meal, guests sat at tables and waiters serving the pre-allocated. This style is traditional and usually more formal. Types of services include a table: a plated service – where an entire meal must be pre-arranged individual plates before served to guests, 2 Russian service – where wait staff serves courses on plates already on the table, three French service – where two waiters serve guests from a tray holding a platter and serve others.

Buffet – Summary: At the buffet, guests select their food is long table or stations strategically placed around the room. (Think pasta station, seafood station, a Chinese wok station) One advantage is that you can serve a varied menu from which you can choose what they like. With a buffet meal does not mean you have to sacrifice sophistication. A buffet can be formal when served by stylish wait staff or more relaxed with self-service stations.

Finger Food Reception – Overview: In this type of reception, there is no full meal. Instead servers around the room, offering trays of hors d’oeuvres of standees. This style of service is ideal for a cocktail, which often last less than a warm welcome.

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